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What’s in a name?

Having an unusual surname is both a blessing and a curse.
On the upside people remember you –  great if you’re a writer as it’s very competitive game and anything that makes you stand out is a blessing.

On the downside, from time to time one comes across someone who fancies themselves as a comedian.

It often happens at festivals, where the occasional Bobby Dazzler will clock my name tag. Their little face will light up, they look at my own drum and bass then at the name tag again in disbelief before repeating the process about 3 times just to make sure they’re on the right track.
And no doubt preparing for their epic legendary one liner.

Then there’s always a waggle of the finger and smirk and they come out with one (or a variation) of the following:

‘It’s funny you’re name’s Bore. Because you’re not, are you?’
‘You’re going to have to change your name.’
‘I hope your writing doesn’t live up to your name!’
‘I bet you get some stick for that, don’t you?’

Hardly the razor sharp wit of an Oscar Wilde standard I’m sure you’ll agree but nevertheless whatever corker they come out with is followed by our joker elbowing other people in the ribs in a largely vain effort to get them to chortle along before searching in their handbags for a spare Tena Lady.

People need, I think, to bear in mind that I am *coughs* years of age and have pretty much heard everything; I have been through the English state school system -in the Thatcher era - and I’ve lived for 23 years in LIVERPOOL. 
Believe me, I’ve heard everything;-)

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2 comments on “What’s in a name?

  1. Oh. Being of French language, I did not realise that before you pointed it out. I was linking it with Bore (Boron in English), element nr 5 in the periodic table…

  2. cathbore
    October 11, 2011

    Hi Nicole, I love the way words mean different things in different languages. Your comment made me smile! Thanks for stopping by

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