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I love my job!

Myself...and Pedro!

…in part because I love writing – coming up with ideas, exploring characters and knitting together plots, creating mad fictional worlds.

But it’s also because I get to meet lots of lovely people.

Today I and Lynne Harwood (director of Big Society – The Musical) & Jennifer Monks (the film’s assistant producer) were interviewed by the delightful Pedro from KVFM, Kensington’s very own community radio station.

Pedro interrogated us (in the nicest possible way!) about the film in First Take’s editing suite and we enjoyed meeting him very much.

You’ll be relieved to know there were no Jeremy Vine/Lou Reed-type friction during the interview. (For what it’s worth, if I were Jeremy I would’ve left soft lad to it – not only in reply to his rudeness, but also because he’s made a truly terrible record…)

I’ll let you know when you can hear our interview with Pedro soon.

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5 comments on “I love my job!

  1. taureanw
    November 14, 2011

    Congratz, most people can’t stand their jobs!! I consider myself lucky that I don’t hate my job :-)

  2. cathbore
    November 14, 2011

    I’ve had some rotten jobs in my time – I was a cleaner once, have worked in a solicitors office and for the civil service…all horrible! (And I was pretty hopeless at them as well ;-))

  3. I am a cleaner, have to lay down the law and try to stay civil. I know. Rofl hilair. Ah we stay at home mums have gsoh. Great post, Cath. Glad it’s all so good. Cathyx

  4. cathbore
    November 15, 2011

    I worked as a cleaner in an old people’s home. One lady was very sweet but had mild dementia – and loose bowels to go with it. She’d wrap her deposits in loo roll and hand them to us. I always took them with a smile.
    I must say, working for the civil service was far worse an experience…

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