Mersey woman about town


Like an episode of Extras…

…almost, but not quite.

Ricky Gervais was nowhere to be seen today in my couple of hours as an extra in the film I’m co-writing, Big Society – The Musical!

The scene I was taking part in was on the plateau outside the magnificent St George’s Hall (glorious architecture – I’ve lived on Merseyside for over 20 years and it still takes my breath away).

We were acting out a demonstration against the closure of a fictional children & young people’s centre – it took me back to my student days, waving placards!

The brief from First Take was for us was to wear something in muted tones – black, brown, that sort of thing – and also a warm coat in a similar hue. 

I looked out of the window this morning and the sun was out; phew, I thought – thank goodness for that. (I don’t have a plain dark coat, just animal print ones which wouldn’t fit the scene)
It’s BOUND to be warm enough if I wear a cardigan and a pashmina I assured myself smugly.
No. It really wasn’t. I’d been way too cocky for my own good. (I’m defrosting at home as I write this)
Happily the scene was shot very quickly, and we were all made up to have the first segment of music and singing in the can; it’s all been speech so far up until now. It felt like we reached a real landmark today.
Very, very exciting!
I’ll be reprising my extras role on 30th November, to film more scenes. Unfortunately I’ll have to wear the same flimsy clobber I foolishly wore today so  I’m going to invest in some thermal undies…

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2 comments on “Like an episode of Extras…

  1. You know, just to be able to write the phrase, ‘I don’t have a plain, dark coat, just animal print ones which wouldn’t fit the scene.’ KUDOS KLAXON However, I am wondering at which university pashminas were de rigeur … Cathy xxx

  2. cathbore
    November 19, 2011

    Ha! Pashminas should be universal, mine saved my bacon today! It’s ‘method’ and passes as a scarf under the right director ;-)

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