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City Talk 105.9 paper review + tidying up on Wire FM

It’s Tuesday tomorrow so I’ve got an early start with Mick Coyle on City Talk Breakfast at 7.20am on 105.9 in Liverpool then later at 9.20am. If you live outside the area you can hear us online as well.

I make no bones about the fact that I’m a bit rubbish at housework. I can cook – my speciality at the moment is soup, ace in this chilly weather even if I do say so myself. But housework? Nah. It’s just not me.

However, I find myself better at it than my hubby.

Last week I asked him to tidy up the pile of magazines, pens, letters, CDs, DVDs, and general bits of his that had accumulated on the sofa in our front room. After much procrastination (‘I’ll do it tomorrow’) he finally got to work.

But, whereas even I would consider putting stuff in drawers, the bin and so on he decided to:

- pass things to me saying ‘I think this might be yours’ (they weren’t) and ‘Is that any use to you?’ (no)
– made a pile out of various sundries claiming ‘I’ll just leave these here’ and ‘I don’t know what you want to do with these’.

Basically he was just moving things around.

We’ll see how Roy Basnett copes with all this tidying up business at 7.45am on Wire 107.2 FM or online here.

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