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100 RPM is go!

Earlier this year fellow Merseyside based author Caroline Smailes asked for writers to submit a piece of flash fiction (of a maximum of just 100 words in length), inspired by a song on YouTube. Her aim was to put a number of them in an ebook in order to raise money for the excellent One in Four charity, which helps victims of sexual violence and abuse.
I sent in my piece ‘Watching’, which is inspired by Scott Walker’s ‘Two Weeks Since You’ve Gone’. I was lucky enough to have my piece chosen for inclusion in the book, which goes by the magnificent title of 100 RPM and is out now.
I chose the ‘Two Weeks Since You’ve Gone’ because Scott Walker is one of my favourite singers, he’s a genius in my eyes. I don’t band around that word lightly, my belief is that a true genius is someone who can do something that no one else can.

I’m pretty confident that Scott’s wonderful albums and soundtracks over the last forty odd years couldn’t have been created by another artiste, so I’m very passionate he deserves the label.
If you haven’t heard it, ‘Two Weeks Since You’ve Gone’ is about love and loss. Scott sings of heartbreak at losing his love, and the heart stopping line ‘If I walk down this street long enough, will you happen to me again?’
Everybody’s felt like that about somebody or something at some time in their lives, whether it be a lover, child, friend or beloved pet even that they’ve lost; and carried the wish to go back in time and change things.
We’ve all been there!
As Scott’s music always has a slightly almost seedy undertone to it, I concentrated on that side of life for my story and decided to write my flash fiction piece for Caroline’s project about someone obsessed.
‘Watching’ alongside 99 other pieces is included 100 RPM, and was released yesterday (Thursday) on Amazon via Kindle.
100 RPM really is one of those short story collection where you read all of the pieces in it because they’re so darn good!
Oh, and the foreword is penned by 1980 pop star Nik Kershaw!
You can download 100 RPM here

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2 comments on “100 RPM is go!

  1. I’ll be downloading my copy for the weekend shortly!

  2. cathbore
    June 6, 2012

    I hope you enjoy it, Tony!

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