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A case of writing brain…

The last few weeks have been uber busy for me, as I’ve been polishing off a few major projects. Coming to the end of a piece of work is always a time of some stress, with the inevitable concern the recipients of your work – commissioners, editors, agents etc – simply won’t like what you’ve produced or simply not ‘get’ it, amongst other worries.

But one thing that I always get when I’m in the final obsessive throes of a project is a case of ‘writing brain’. You hear about new mothers getting nappy brain, well something very similar indeed (bar the baby!) occurs to me each time I am nearing to the delivery of a manuscript, or whatever.

With the novel a couple of weeks ago, when I was putting those final excruciating touches to my manuscript, I decided to put a wash on. I duly whacked clothes in the machine (not looking what I was doing, not really), poured in the Persil and fabric conditioner and went to sit back down to work.
Then, I heard a bumpety-banging coming from the kitchen. Oh, I thought. Was it one of the cats asking (demanding) to come in from the endless rain? Or maybe one of our neighbours was doing DIY – loudly?
It was neither, sadly.

I returned to the kitchen to find the source of the noise and confirmed yes, it was coming from the washing machine. I looked through the glass bit in the door and to my horror I saw a brand new (thankfully plastic) bottle of mayonnaise was nestled in there with the washing.
Not only that, but it was GARLIC flavoured.

I held my breath as I observed the cap was still on the mayo, but couldn’t bear to sit there and watch for an hour.

Needless to say, by the time the wash (and spin) was completed, the top had popped off and when I opened the washing machine door the washing and machine honked of garlic.
Cue me cleaning the machine drum repeatedly then washing the clothes 3 times more.
The smell didn’t come out of the clothes that day, and I strongly suspect hubby and I wandered around repelling vampires for a few days after that.

I have learned my lesson to always check my washing machine for stray jars of salad dressing and other condiments (I still have no idea how it got there) – and to be careful of writing brain!

Have you got any cases of writing brain to share? Or will you preserve your dignity and admit nothing?


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9 comments on “A case of writing brain…

  1. strangealliances
    July 4, 2012

    Wait until you’re my age. I hunt around looking for something. When I’ve found it I realise I’ve put the thing down I had in my hand that I hadn’t lost in the first place, but now I can’t find it.

  2. cathbore
    July 4, 2012

    I’ve been looking for something before now then forgotten what it was I’ve lost…so I’m getting there myself ;-)

  3. DJ Kirkby
    July 4, 2012

    I frequently put things where they don’t belong (with disastrous consequences) when I am suffering with writing brain…

  4. Alison Morton
    July 4, 2012

    Love the picture!

    Writing brain, hm. Got up one Monday after an intensive expedition into the jungle of my WIP the day before. Looked over at DH, vaguely thought he’d better get a move on, but rushed on with my own routine. I showered, dressed, breakfasted and drove to town. Traffic was brilliant, I parked in the car park, bounced along to the office, puzzled when the door didn’t open.

    You guessed – it was Sunday.

    • cathbore
      July 4, 2012

      Ha! Love it!!! Way better than my mayo in the washing machine

  5. Allison Cosgrove
    July 4, 2012

    *Giggle*… Yup! I do that stuff regularly… I call it “brain on park”…. Glad to know I’m not completely nuts… only partially nuts. ;o)

    • cathbore
      July 4, 2012

      We’re all partially nuts here, Allison; you’re amongst friends…

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