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What’s pink, fits in my hand and draws admiring glances when I whip it out on the bus?

After many months of myself acting all sniffy at the concept of e-publishing, ranting on about how ‘proper’ books are far better, I cracked last weekend – and bought myself a Kindle. Not only that, but my head was turned by a hot pink cover for the thing bright enough to burn holes in the back of your retina so I splashed out on one of those as well.
And do you know what, I’ve fallen in love with both.
I’ve been warned by folks on Twitter that it won’t affect the number of paper books I buy, which is fine by me. One piece of top advice I received was that it’s not the best idea to use a Kindle in the bath, they’re a blighter to read from if you drop them in the water…
The Kindle and I are in the early days of our romance at the moment, but methinks I’m in trouble bad..

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4 comments on “What’s pink, fits in my hand and draws admiring glances when I whip it out on the bus?

  1. Kate Jack
    June 12, 2011

    You can read mine when I self publish. x

  2. Normal In London
    June 12, 2011

    I too was a sniffy ereader snob, til I got my Kindle in September. I love it SO much. i read so much more, AND my arm doesn’t ache when I read a 900-pager! AND I love the free books. AND I bought my 94 year old nan one for her birthday :)

  3. cathbore
    June 12, 2011

    You can take it anywhere (as I say, apart from the bath), ‘carry’ loads of books with you and it weighs sod all…oh, the joys of Kindle!

  4. K.C. Woolf
    June 12, 2011

    I adore my Kindle. I carry it everywhere I go. Look, isn’t it pretty? :-)

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