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Tunnelling in Liverpool? Why, yes

I’ve always fancied going down to check out Williamson’s Tunnels near the University of Liverpool/Edge Lane area but never got round to it.
I’d never seen punk legend Vic Godard (& Subway Sect) live either, so when he announced a gig there this month then it was a no-brainer, as (some) Americans say.

It’s a strange place – of course there’s some dispute why the Tunnels were built – but I was surprised what a nice venue it has hidden away. I had images of a sewer, or it being damp/brass monkeys at least but there was no need for my vest or wellies at all, what a cracking little venue and an amazing gig (I’m going to be uncool here and say I prefer Vic Godard’s ‘pop’ stuff rather than his brief initial foray into punk – nothing thrills me more than a writer who indulges in clever word play, whether that be prose, song or other genres).

Me being a writer, one of my habits is gegging into conversations in the hope of sourcing some good material.
My top audience quotes from the gig included (and I must stress they’re talking about Vic here) these two sparkling diamonds:
‘Blood hell. I’m going into town. He’s old.’ and ‘He’s a funny feller,isn’t he? Just look at his eyebrows. Oh, he’s putting his glasses on.’
Hubby & I enjoyed the gig so much we’re seriously considering going to see Vic again in Hyde* next month (*no Harold Shipman gags, if you please) but we’ll definately doing the full trip of the Williamson Tunnels before that.
Sometimes you don’t notice brill places on your doorstep…

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