Book sniffing and feminism (I promise there’s a link in there somewhere).

I got advance copies of a book I have an essay in through the post today. Nothing unusual about that although the book “Sisters Born, Sisters Made” has made the journey from California over to my house on Merseyside, UK and landed safely. There’s something magical that my story can be written here, the book produced over in America then arrive on my doormat and I don’t think I’ll ever get over the novelty of seeing my work in a physical hold-it-in-your-hands-and-sniff-the-pages book, no matter how many times it happens (yes, I’m a book sniffer and proud of it too).


The advance copies of the book plus postage were made possible by crowd funding, it’s quite the thing these days to crowd fund creative projects. I don’t contribute to crowd funding very often, but when I do they are the ones that make my heart beat faster because they’re so good. The book “Sisters Born, Sisters Found” carries writing on the theme of sisterhood, in essence a feminist publication. Feminism is in an interesting place at the moment, some of us declare our allegiance loudly, others struggle with it, a growing number are pulled this way and that for getting feminism “wrong” by making so-called mistakes (the way I look at it, we’re all on a journey; it’s a rocky road but I’m sure we’ll all get there). And don’t get me started on the “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” t-shirts (wear them, don’t wear them. It’s your choice).

The idea of Sisters Born, Sisters Found inspired people to donate to the book’s crowd funding campaign so that contributors can have advance copies, it shows that we as feminists enjoy support from those willing to go further, donating money for such a thing as a book, the prospect of a book on the theme of sisterhood made their hearts beat faster too. I can’t speak for everyone (I’m a feminist after all; I wouldn’t think of it) who wrote for the book but I was motivated to write my piece about sisterhood because it’s a theme so exciting to me. So there you go, a book written by one quickened heart at least and funded by the same thing. Pretty wonderful, I’d say.

Thanks to Laura McHale Holland / Wordforest Publishing for editing and producing such a book as “Sisters Born, Sisters Found”.



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