The Hotel Library

It seemed very hypocritical to me that I should whinge about proposed local library closures in my area when I’ve allowed my own membership to lapse, so this week I remedied that. To my shame I’ve rarely visited our library over the past year despite it being just up the road from me, so I’ll be changing my habits from now on. I’ll have to – they’ll be wanting back the books I borrowed, I should imagine.

I think it’s quite sweet and interesting how libraries pop up organically in odd places. It’s quite anarchic. We stayed in Manchester this week – we were at The Lowry to see Roddy Frame – the hotel we rested our heads at was a budget place, but staff/the owner still has the passion to cobble together a few books for residents to mull over. This is possibly the tiniest library in the world, but I thought it was very cool.

merchant lib



2 thoughts on “The Hotel Library

  1. That was about the size of the library in the lobby when we went on holiday this year, but I still managed to borrow a book from it! I love those photos of the phone box libraries. I really wish we had one of those. I do use our library, but only started about a year ago and mostly use it for ordering older books I’m interested in reading. Or book club books sometimes. It’s funny, I used to use my local library a lot as a child (once I was allowed to travel that distance alone) but I buy my little man all his books so he doesn’t use it. Plus it’s small and doesn’t have much choice for him either… They are important though. Not all families can afford to buy their books, I know.

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