When The Dogs Don’t Bark

“Burn him.”

“Kill him.”

“Kill him then bring him back to life and kill him again!”

Dave pleads he’s been set up. Anyone can take a picture of an innocent man then put it on Facebook and claim that person cut a dog. It’s cyberbullying and harassment, some people have killed themselves over less, just think about that. Consciences duly pricked, people un-click and un-share and some even apologise but Dave calls his social experiment a triumph anyway, because he still gets one hundred thousand people to share his picture. Even after chucking in such obvious blindsiding variables, if you press the right buttons people still turn into keyboard warriors, he laughs.

But that night the dogs up his street stay silent and bark out no warning as other variables come for Dave, all wet teeth and grimacing mouths. The soles of his shoes whine against the footpath like a kicked hound. A camera flashes the pavement bright and white, swollen flecks of dust floodlit and prancing, before it switches back to the black.

(c) Cath Bore January 2015



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