Vinyl Station

Sitting and listening to music. I do more of that now than for ages.

We have a 1960s stereogram, mocked by some in the past – you know who you are – but now declared an impressive feature because vinyl is so frigging trendy again. A wooden coffin on legs, it cost ten pounds nearly twenty years ago, going strong in 2015 (and for £375 in some shops – get us).

Vinyl is fashionable now and the ultimate sound carrier.

Only it isn’t.

Sound carrier snobbery is an odd little hobby to have, one I don’t have time for. Life is too short.

I like a vinyl record because I know it will be there forever. When I buy an LP it will live in my house with me. There is no subsequent home for records I buy. They’re a love match, always. They won’t break if I handle them with careful fingers, which I do.

CDs from 1980s and later are deteriorating now, tape cassettes tangle, MP3s are nice but they give me nothing to hold. So problematic, each; but the sound quality of one is no better than the others, vinyl included, for at home listening; not if you care for them properly. Whoever says different is wrong and selling you a hipster authenticity lie. Don’t listen to them. You’ll feel all the better for it.

I don’t use music as background noise. I don’t jog with it on earphones (I don’t jog at all, but you get my drift), I write in silence now because instead I start humming and go off on a tangent. I like my vinyl in the evenings and early mornings, so I can listen and appreciate better, sit down with a cuppa tea of glass of something, and enjoy. You may be different and that’s okay, listening rules are just silly. There are so many rules now to everything, we’re best ignoring them. It’s less stressful that way.
vinyl station 1

Last week we went to a new thing at Liverpool’s Metal – cute rooms (with an Aga!) at Edge Hill railway station just outside the city centre. Vinyl Station is held each month. You sit with local music lovers in companionable silence with a cuppa tea or glass of something (I lead, others follow; what can I say?) and listen to a brand new album. When it’s finished playing and only then, we talk about the record.

vinyl station

The best idea I’ve heard for such a long time, a sweet evening. They played Hooton Tennis Club’s debut LP ‘Highest Point In Cliff Town’ this month, I really liked it, I have both their 7” singles already. Not many other people loved the album quite as much, but not everyone can have my exceptional taste, can they?

And do you know what, that’s ok. If we all liked the same thing, how crashingly dull would everything be? Looking forward to next month already.



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