Cath Bore – Author in the Spotlight for Twisted Tales 2015

I have a flash fiction in Twisted Tales 2015, out next month. I talk about it here:

Annie On Writing

Cath Bore is based in Liverpool UK, a writer of fiction and fact. She is published in the UK and US. Cath is our Author in the Spotlight this week and has a flash fiction story included in the upcoming Twisted Tales anthology.

Cath Bore June2015

The title of your flash fiction.

Friday Roses. 

What was your initial motivation or prompt to write this story?

I saw a Facebook meme about an elderly couple. The husband died then every Valentines Day afterwards the wife received flowers; he’d pre-ordered them before he passed away so she knew he loved her still. Everyone was, “oh, how romantic”. I saw another side; what if he was cruel to her when alive, and wanted to stalk her beyond the grave?   

What sort of message of feeling are you hoping you leave your audience with?

As writers it is our duty to make the reader question things…

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