Feminist Zines Rule OK

Geeked Magazine is now sitting pretty (because it wants to, not because it seeks approval of the male gaze, obviously) on the shelf in the Women’s Studies and magazine section of Foyles bookshop in London. Issues of Geeked for sale there include The Sexy Issue, formerly only available on PDF format. I have a flash fiction in #7 The Sexy Issue and an interview with crime author Mel Sherratt about how the self-publishing revolution had given her and other women writers a kick start in their careers in #8 Breaking Boundaries.

GEEKED, sitting pretty in Foyles.
GEEKED, sitting pretty in Foyles.

In January (2016!), the very first issue of the new feminist zine Rants edited by author Abigail Tarttelin is out, I’d so pleased to have an article in it. My piece is about housework, and our attitudes to cleaning. Not very glamorous, I grant you; which is kind of why I wanted to write it. So many women I know don’t seem to want to admit to being house proud these days, as if running around the place with the Hoover is proof of being a bad feminist, somehow. Anyway, I look into all this much more in my article; Rants#1 also includes articles on domestic violence, slut-shaming, breastfeeding, books…I can’t wait to get my copy. A very nice way to start the new year, having work in a brand new and very fabulous publication.



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