NaNoWriMo competition news

I didn’t do NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – “officially” this year. (Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those annoying blogs from a writer going on why she didn’t bother taking part and how NaNo is not for me, oh my goodness, the horror! – the world doesn’t really need one of those, does it?)

During November, instead of sprinting a first draft to a new book, I NaNo-edited (it should be a thing, we need a special month for this) and polished the book I’ve been working on, a crime novel, ready to send it out into the world in 2016.  And sure enough, I got more of that done than I would have done otherwise.

But in amongst the editing, in true ‪#‎nano spirit, I made a start to a new book. I even went to NaNoWritMo meet ups in a café in Liverpool city centre, which were very nice, and friendly.  I didn’t write that much word count-wise, especially compared to fellow NaNoWriMo-ers, who sprinted on ahead, but I was happy enough with what I’d written to send the opening into a ‪#‎NaNoWriMo-themed competition. And then I promptly forgot about the submission, and plunged back into editing, planning to crack on with the new book in January.

So yesterday when I got an email to say it won third prize, and a manuscript appraisal, I was made up; and surprised. Nice bits of news like this helps working on a fledgling project like nothing else.



7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo competition news

  1. Congratulations. Expect the unexpected?
    I didn’t do Nano either, resisting being caught up in what was quite an alluring force with many of my blogging friends taking part. I don’t really write a lot of fiction other than for kids and that’s fiction that’s not really fiction. More importantly, November is the busiest month of the year for us and I couldn’t justify putting in that amount of effort at the family’s expense at that time. We live in Great Sydney so it’s Summer and time to be outside as long as it’s not too hot.
    I did start working on what I call “The Book Project: but we had a severe hail storm where I lost the roof to my office and had to move everything out and called emergency services for a tarp. Then my hard drive went into life support and now I kids on school holidays so I’m now looking at February but I will start getting ready this month.
    That said, I am trying to get everyone organised for the new year and I’m hoping this improved organisation will help my writing in the long run.
    Happy New Year xx Rowena

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