Flash Fiction Sunday Edition

Sundays are nothing days, put a wash on and cook a roast days. January Sundays have me staying at home by the fire, too cold for any other malarkey, they’re even more like a nothing Sunday than those in the rest of the year. But today bucks the trend for me because my flash fiction short story Opposites Detract is chosen as one of four stories in this week’s Flash Fiction Sunday Edition; you can read it here.

This week’s Sunday Edition is curated by the very wonderful and talented Amanda Saint (her debut novel, As If I Were A River, will be published by Urbane Publications in the Spring). She selected Opposites Detract, to be featured, alongside stories by Jane Roberts, Tracy Fells and Freya Morris.

Amanda says of my story, published by The Fem last year, “Sensuous, beautiful use of language that really evoked the sultriness of summer and bleakness of winter and used them to great effect to mirror the personalities of the characters.”

So here’s to unusual Sundays, for 2016. Between you and me, nothing Sundays never worked for me too well anyway. And many thanks to Amanda Saint for her kind words and support.



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