Men who bark at women, woof woof

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Jess Phillips, saying what she thinks, how dare she. On Question Time on Thursday evening the MP for Birmingham Yardley remarked that the UK was in no position to talk when it comes to the abuse and harassment of women by men, citing the stubborn statistic that two women are killed each week by their male partners, and that women are routinely baited and heckled at night. People were upset by this. Twitter is horrified and appalled, as per. Hmmm. I’m guessing those having a fit of the vapours at Phillips’comments  aren’t females who walk through our towns and cities of a night on their own.

The truth is, Jess Phillips’ observations don’t even go near the reality.

On the way home from the gym in the last fortnight alone, I’ve been barked at by a group of men smoking outside a pub – yes, actual adult males, making woofing noises, like dogs; young lads on bikes bellowed “shitty arse! shitty arse!” across the street (my bottom was perfectly clean, I’ll have you know). One man made a pervy comment then when I ignored him he started following, shouting his proposal louder just in case I hadn’t heard him the first time.

All this happens in the street, in the dark. And before anyone suggests amendments to my own behaviour, I don’t drive and I’m not sure why I should require a male escort to walk the ten minutes to my house. This isn’t the Victorian era, you know.  Men, if you’re walking down a deserted road and there’s a woman ahead of you on her own, have the good manners to cross the bloody road instead of shadowing her footsteps. If you’re driving past a lone woman, don’t honk your horn at her or slow down beside her, just because you can. Common sense, all this; or so you’d think.

And it’s not just outdoors. In a venue in Liverpool city centre in December, the security guys on the door were loudly judging all the women customers A to F as we walked to the toilets (I’m a C minus, apparently. Must do better.). Twelve months earlier, watching the same artist at a different venue, a man in front of us was watching a pornographic film on his phone, holding it up so myself and other women behind him could get a good view. And by the way – no, I’m not going to stop seeing the artist in question, it’s not his fault other people are dicks. I’ve got a ticket for his next show in March, so I look forward to reporting back on that. Third time lucky, ay?

So yeah, all told, I think Philips might have a point. A starting point, that is.



7 thoughts on “Men who bark at women, woof woof

  1. You opened my eyes Cath! I didn’t think it still went on so blatantly – and the security watching the video! Words fail me. Did you contact his security firm?

  2. So sorry you’ve had to deal with this, when younger and crucially able-bodied, I had to deal with comments from men, so I agree she was quite right. Now, disabled I get comments from both men and women, about disability, whether I’m “faking” and how much I must get in benefits (yeah, in comparison to my old job as a manager it’s so much money. Not!) Go, Jess, you speak for us all.

  3. It can be incredibly annoying when these creeps shout at you in the street. I’ve had it quite a lot.
    I wish the law just said that if a man harasses or insults a woman on the street, she’s legally allowed to kick him as hard as she can in the balls, no questions asked. See how much longer they keep it up.

      1. Glad to hear it (and wow that was a quick reply).

        You’ll be pleased to know I have a girlfriend who has actually done this before (that’s where I got the idea). Legal or not. She’s into kickboxing so is pretty capable of handling herself. She once dealt with a harassing construction worker in our local town by inviting him over to chat after he’d make some insulting remark about her breasts. At this guy walks over, she throws a cup of hot tea into his face and while he’s distracted from that, walks up and slams her knee between his legs, which completely incapacitated him and left him in a ball on the floor with his other workmen laughing at him.

        It was a brilliant spectacle and so emasculating for those creeps.

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