I’m a cowgirl (or so I like to think)

My denim jacket’s hung in the wardrobe since October, northern winters are too much for it.

Or should I say they’re too much for me?

At the weekend I wore it into town for the first time this year. My denim jacket turns me into a cowgirl, I’ll be gallivanting everywhere in it from now on.

denim j

I have new button badges to pin on, they’ve been waiting for the first sign of spring too.

I wore my jacket and badges to the recording of the 52% TV show this week but not on air, sadly. (I feel like I’ve let my faithful old jacket down. Next time, maybe…)

52% sofa march
On the 52% sofa! (sans denim jacket)

Also this week, I wrote about the resurgence of zines and fanzines for GetIntoThis, which you can read here. Next Thursday 24th March, I have a new flash fiction short story called Torn Soul published over at 101 Words. It’s a sad one, as the title suggests.  I like it, though; it’s one of my favourites.

52% is broadcast on Bay TV (Freeview Channel 8 on Merseyside) at 6pm Thursday, repeated 9pm Friday, 7pm Saturday and 1pm Sunday.



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